3 Steps to Understand and Prevent a Data Breach

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

The giant strides taken in the world of technology in recent years have, in one way or the other, caused a revolutionary change in various businesses. However, in the course of making things better, technology has also introduced some of its own challenges, one of which is cybersecurity which this article will be speaking on. Long gone are the days when companies had their most sensitive and personal data stored up in some locked room or cabinets. Irrespective of the size of the business, cloud computing solutions that make data more accessible and faster to manage, update, and even access are what a lot of companies now prefer. However, this does not just come without its own challenges, the topmost of which is the responsibility to safeguard such data.

However, with the pandemic, things became a little tougher as data breaches became commonplace with devastating effects on businesses. The ripple effects of a data breach can launch one into the realms of headaches and palpitations for several weeks. Developing a solution to these data breaches lies the ability to be and remain proactive. Let us take a look at what data breach could cost you, how to detect vulnerabilities present in your system, and actions needed to be taken to master defensive mechanisms of cybersecurity.

  1. It is not just about money, Trust is also vital

You would understand that disappointment trails breach of trust from anyone or any business, no matter how small or big. This is precisely how your customers feel when the data they entrusted with your company is breached. Keeping your customer’s trust is very integral to the growth of your business, and you must know that mistrust alone is enough to get your brand abandoned by customers. Sadly enough, data breaches could be linked to negligence exhibited by the company involved. From reduction in sales to loss of current and potential customers and even lawsuits in cases of neglect, the ripple effects of data breaches cannot be overemphasized.

  1. How to protect your data

You must know that as your business grows, you become a potential target for cyberattackers, so it’s better you get prepared ahead of time to prevent being caught unawares. There is no single solution to combat data breaches, however, take the first step by using only software products that have undergone strict quality assurance testing. Secondly, you might need to get a detailed roadmap of your cybersecurity defenses with multiple redundancies in place. The zero trust model is a very popular way to stop most types of cyberattacks.

  1. Don’t thwart your own access to information.

With the use of Zero trust or similar cybersecurity models, you gain access to balancing restricted access to information. Not everyone should be granted access to sensitive information in your database. With this approach being adhered to, you lower the potential risk of having a data breach. However, please be smart about your restrictions so that it doesn’t translate into inefficiencies. Custom data control is what most companies are utilizing at the moment. You can always build it up to suit your specifications and the general needs of your company. It is the best way to enforce strict compliance, transparency, and safety.