4 Popular Tools for Testing Blockchain Applications

photo by Creative Art

It won’t be long before cash and coins become a distant past. Digital transactions have seen a massive increase in the last decade and more since the global health crisis. Essentially, blockchain is a massive network that keeps track of the size and chape of digital currencies and provides real-time access to the flow of payments.

To understand just how important blockchain is and is going to become, in 2016 the global blockchain market was at $212.12 million. By the end of 2024, it is estimated to grow to $8,682.82 million.  Blockchain testing is critical considering the expected growth and the sensitivity associated with the industry. Testing blockchain applications is no easy feat. For this reason, it is worth knowing which tools are the best for testing blockchain applications. Here are 4 of the best tools you can be using now.

  1. Bitcoinj

This library works with the Bitcoin protocol and doesn’t require a local copy of the Bitcoin Core to maintain a wallet or send and receive transactions. While it is implemented in Java, it can also be used with any JVM compatible language, such as Python. With Bitcoinj, you can interact with different testing activities without having to download the standard BTC Core files. There is a good community behind Bitcoinj with a forum that provides help and solutions if you are having problems with testing.

  1. Truffle Suite

Truffle, as it often called, has numerous features to assist with Testing and Deploying. There is no need for any type of configuration and continuous smart contract testing is enabled through a unified environment. To quickly spot any errors, you can monitor smart contract transactions, balances, and events and even filter by transactions. You can benefit from awesome test runners like the reputable Chai and Mocha. Truffle is open-source and therefore free.

  1. Ethereum Tester

This is probably one of the most widely used tools for testing blockchain and it is also reliable for API, Web3 integration, backend, and smart contracts. On top of that, there are even more tools to help develop apps and test them. The API support makes this option particularly easy to use for different testing needs. You can get the Ethereum Tester library through GitHub and is open source.

4. Teamsecure.io

Though the concept of blockchain is simple, it doesn’t mean that the deployment and testing is everyone’s favorite job. As we are dealing with financial assets, it is often wiser to leave the security and testing to the experts. At Teamsecure.io, there are professional blockchain security specialists ready for you to hire.

Choosing Teamsecure.io saves you time and money in recruitment and gives you access to global talent, in fact, thousands of highly qualified developers. Each developer is carefully assessed to ensure only the best are matched with your project needs. They also provide on-going support to help you establish a solid relationship with your blockchain specialist.