What Tools Can You Use to Ensure the Quality of Your Ruby on Rails Apps?

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Ruby on Rails is one of the best web frameworks for web applications. Not only does it speed up development, but it also follows the best industry standards. Many would agree that you can do anything with Ruby on Rails (RoR), yet maintain a clean and organized code can be difficult, even for the more experienced.

This doesn’t mean that you should be put off from choosing RoR. There are a number of tools that will help you to maintain quality code and at the same time, keep it secure.

6 Tools to Ensure the Quality of Your Ruby on Rails Apps


Traceroute is used to clean RoR applications. Its simplicity in rake tasks allows you to check those routes that are mapped to non-existing controller actions. This helps to identify the controller actions that are in reach. It is also crucial in determining where problems lie within the server. Traceroute requires you to keep both the controller methods and filters private.


We love Rack-mini-profiler for its simplicity. It is a case of plugging the tool into your Gemfile so that a window pops up in the corner of your page. Within this window, you can see information like response times, renderings, database queries, and DOM loading. You can benefit from live speed analysis and overall, an excellent solution for discovering application bottlenecks.


Brakeman is a tool aimed at the analysis of security. It can scan through applications, identify potential vulnerabilities, and then present them in a clean formatted table. It’s easy to appreciate the seriousness of each threat with high, medium, and low warnings. The latest version of Brakeman fixes the risk of false positives and slower scans.


Apart from the amusing name, Rubocop will check static code to make sure it complies with the Ruby community code guidelines. There are 4 sub-analyzers, style, lint, metrics, and rails. So, you can choose exactly what you want to search for and which files to include in your search. Rubocop is extremely configurable while reporting style violations and offering code refactoring tips.


A very well-structured gem for three static analysis. Rubycritic covers ruby code smell with Reek, code duplication with Flay, and ABC metrics with Flog. We liked the easy overview of HTML files to search for smelly code and begin the refactoring process. This is a great option if you are working on a project with other developers.


Because of the complex task of getting Ruby on Rails code right, it is often easier to hire a professional to give you an outsider’s perspective, to sniff out the code that is not up to scratch, and to assist in refactoring it to RoR standards. At Teamsecure.io, you have access to thousands of IT specialists whether you need code review or pen-testing. You can save time and money while also being able to benefit from some of the most knowledgeable Ruby experts in the world.