Good App Security: Why It Matters & How to Achieve It

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With application development and maintenance, perhaps the most important element is security. Every app created contains large amounts of data. This data could be sensitive and detrimental to a user if exposed to the wrong people. Poor app security can lead to identity theft, stolen bank information, and more.

The Top 3 Reasons to Have Good App Security

  1. To protect data and prevent security breaches.
  2. Potential reputation damage for data that’s been acquired by malicious individuals.
  3. To maintain or improve rankings on Google and attract users.

Security Isn’t Just…

There are common misunderstandings about app security such as what exactly it covers. Here are some of those incorrect assumptions:

  • All apps are completely safe
  • App security just means having a strong password
  • If it’s not a popular app, hackers won’t bother trying to get in

Qualities of Good Developers

While security is still the main focus, developers are always behind those apps, maintaining and updating them. They also have a certain obligation to their users. However, good developers will make sure to fulfill those obligations and more. They will:

  • Be trustworthy
  • Release apps that have been patched and secured
  • Be upfront about their security measures
  • Demonstrate understanding of the importance of data security
  • Value their users’ privacy and security expectations

Updates & Maintenance

Apps must go through periodic updates and maintenance to stay up-to-date with current security measures. Additionally, those changes should account for any potential breaches or weak areas in the app. Developers are expected to read up on common software issues that could be targeted by hackers as well. These updates and regular maintenance will nearly always protect developers’ and users’ sensitive information. As changes are released, developers who value their users should inform them of what was updated. This clarity eliminates confusion and frustration, but also creates a trustworthy relationship.

What Happens When Security is Breached

Severe breaches in security have happened and can happen to anyone. However, even some of the largest businesses can experience a data breach. When this occurs, the damage is substantial.

  • Yahoo Breach in 2014: Sensitive data for over 500 million users were exposed
  • Marriott Breach in 2018: Payment details of 500 million customers was obtained by hackers
  • eBay Breach in 2014: Account details for every single user of the platform were out in the open


When it comes to extremely sensitive information such as bank information, addresses, and social security numbers, security is of the utmost importance. The measures put into place for apps that handle this kind of data must be able to withstand any normal cyberattack. This is expected due to the delicacy of what the app is handling. On the other hand, even small breaches of security where hackers obtain login credentials can cause significant damage. Hackers using those credentials to scam people is a common occurrence. Overall, any kind of data breach could be detrimental to developers and users alike. That’s why maintaining good app security is so important.