Tactics for Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker

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Have you ever heard of a hacker? Initially, it was a good name attached to computer experts who could solve complex software problems. Despite the confusion between hacker and ethical hacker, there have been some similar experiences. The difference is how each applies their knowledge.

Certified Ethical hacker possesses a computer certificate that indicates his proficiency in computer networks. Hackers have savvy knowledge on how to penetrate networks to steal data and information for malicious use. Most countries across the world perceive hacking as a felony and punishable by heavy fines or jail.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

There is no special institution for ethical hackers. Hackers and Ethical Hackers attend the same institution and acquire general knowledge. Ethical hackers use the same tools the criminals use to penetrate private networks.

Initially, organizations and governments hired rehabilitated malicious hackers to secure their networks.  The introduction of certification differentiated malicious and ethical hackers. Ethical hackers have to agree on some working ethics and standards.

International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a professional organization that sponsors CEH.  The objective of the EC-Council is to educate professional, ethical hackers, develop and maintain credentials for ethical hacking, and create awareness to the general public on the significance of ethical hackers.

CEH and EC-Council provide certification for computer forensics, secure network jobs, and programming. An ethical hacker can be awarded an entry-level or consultant certificate.

Procedure for becoming CEH

Learners with at least two years of experience in a security job can be approved to take EC-Council exams.  Those with the utmost two years of experience undergo short-term training that prepares them to undertake the EC-Council exam. The training should be from an accredited institution and helps the candidates to filter malicious hacking desires.

The training fee for candidates as of 2018 was $850, exam booking was $950, and the fee for those who wanted to bypass training was $100.

CEH Course

CEH 312-50 exams consist of eighteen modules and 270 attack technologies that represent real-life applications. The training prepares the candidates to not only undertake the exam but also handle real-life penetration testing.

CEH Exam

The 312-50 exam comprises 18 chapters and is scheduled to take a maximum of 4 hours. The exam is usually a multiple choice of 125 questions and covers all chapters in ethical hacking.

Job outlook

IT security is rapidly growing in the United States, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 28% increase rate by 2026. In 2017, the annual average salary for IT specialists was $95,000. Job applicants with CEH certification are recommended than their colleagues without it.

Success Testimonies

Prominent companies employ ethical hackers to hold high-profile offices in technology departments. Intelligent companies like google challenge their ethical hackers to penetrate their systems to identify possible loopholes.

In 2016, Nimbus Hosting shared its interesting success stories of its ethical hackers. One of the interesting stories is Pinkie Pie, who identified a possible threat in Google chrome.


Much said about certified ethical hackers and hackers. Not all interesting stories about ethical hacking adhere to certified ethical hacking certification, but they depict how companies value ethical hackers by hiring them. The best way to protect your system from hackers is by hiring ethical hackers.