The Best Cybersecurity Technologies for Your Business

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Cybercrime has been the household talk. Governments and organizations are on the run to secure their systems from malicious attacks. Does cyber-crime happen in the ideal or real world? Most people never understand how and when intruders carry out cyber-attacks. 

Cyber hackers have savvy knowledge as cybersecurity gurus. As cybersecurity professionals advance security measures, hackers on the side work towards leaking the security measures. Does the competition end cybersecurity? No. This paper lists the best modern security technologies that can be used to secure your business.

Cyber-crime as world’s modern threat

In the 20th century, physical terrorism was a concern for nations. The 21st century came with new terrorism that has terrorized not only governments but individuals. Recently, United States declared cyber-attack as a major threat to the security of the nation. When a superpower country expresses concerns about such a matter, we have to worry about startup businesses and third-world countries’ attacks.

Unfortunately, very few governments and organizations are taking cyber-security as seriously as it should be.

Need to adopt modern cyber-security technologies

Cyber-attack has been a talk of the day for the last few years. One might think cyber-attack has never existed in the past, but it is wrong. Cyber-attack existed, but the pace at which it is growing makes it an emerging trend. The world was awoken by Wannacry and Notpetya attacks which saw governments concentrate on cyber-attack. 

Every individual has the responsibility of taking preventive measures to curb cyber-crime. 

Modern trends in cyber-attack

Changing targets of the attacker

A long time back, cybercrimes used to be simple and detectable. Nowadays, cybercrimes are harder to detect because of increased technology. Their aim is not only stealing data and money from accounts but also accessing confidential information. Critical infrastructures are mostly targeted because they use a vast area network. It is predicted that by 2030 there will be almost 30 billion networked devices across the globe. These devices will give an easy breakthrough for hackers to penetrate networks.

Advanced cyber threats  

Cybercriminals are getting more powerful and menacing every day. Since hackers are security professionals who tend to misuse their knowledge, they all compete to win the game. And by so doing, cyber-attacks advance day by day. The dark web lies at the core of cybercrime, and it is becoming hard to stop attackers.

Deadly consequences

Infrastructures across the globe are connected to a network, and attackers take it as an advantage to exploit the systems. 

Lack of proper security measures will disable government, organizations, and business operations.

Change in nature of cyber attacks

Think of public utility like the power grid is disabled. Imagine the nationwide disruption it can cause to the government and individuals at large. Cybercrime has adverse effects and is distributed across all participants to the economy.

Five best modern cybersecurity technologies.

The best Cybersecurity technologies for your business

AI works similar to two-step verification. When two-step verification is added to information and authentication, artificial intelligence is realized. Deep learning analyzes data to detect threats.

Behavioral Analytics (BA)

BA determines the pattern in systems and networks to detect potential cyber threats. In the real sense, an abnormal transmission of data from a device symbolizes a possible attack.

Embedded hardware authentication

Password, pin, or pattern does not guarantee full security to hardware. Hardware devices are being embedded with authenticators for full-proof security. 

Intel has already initiated the program. 

Blockchain cybersecurity

Blockchain technology identifies transaction devices to bar any other third party from penetrating. Communicating parties in the blockchain authenticate data before adding it to the blockchain.

Zero-Trust model

Communicating parties already know that the network is not secure at any given time. By believing so, all parties will take protective measures.

In conclusion, the world is not secure, and threats will continue to increase. Everyone must ensure their network is safe. Hiring ethical hackers will help in scanning the network and securing infrastructures.