5 Best Security Incident Response Tools 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Security incident response tools are used to monitor, find, and resolve security issues. Since they are automated, they can streamline the process and eliminate the need to perform most of the tasks manually. 

Most commonly these tools are used together with other traditional security solutions, such as firewalls and antivirus programs. Together they help to analyze, notify and assist in preventing the attacks. Security incident tools gather data from the endpoints, system logs, or identity systems, and assess the systems for activities that can indicate a security compromise. 

Most of the modern security incident response tools offer multiple capabilities such as the automatic detection and blocking of threats while alerting the security team to investigate the problem further. 

The security team can use these tools to monitor the infrastructure, networks, endpoints, users, assets, and other components according to the needs of the organization. Read on to find out the best security incident response tools you can use to prevent and respond to security threats. 

IBM QRadar

A detection tool that helps to understand the attacks and prioritize the responses. It takes data from assets, users, endpoints, network, and cloud, and correlate it against the vulnerability information and threat intelligence. Then the tool uses advanced analytics to find and track attacks as they penetrate the system. 

With this tool, you can create intelligent insights that show the cause of the security issue as well as the scope. This way security teams can respond and stop the threat and attack quickly. It is a full analytics solution with many features such as a risk modeling option so that security teams can simulate potential attacks. 

Other key features include netflow analysis, detection of hidden threats, advanced threat hunting, filtering, user behavior analytics. 


This tool provides great reporting and log management abilities as well as incident response in real-time. It identifies and analyzes threats and allows the security team to monitor the systems and react against exploits and attacks. 

There are advanced filtering and forwarding, as well as node management options and automated threat response. 

With easy to use visualization tools, users can quickly identify suspicious behavior. There is also a detailed dashboard and great developer support. 

Other main features include quick detection of suspicious activity, forensic analysis, continuous security monitoring, as well as compliance with HIPAA, DSS, SOX, STIG, PCI, DISA, and other regulations. 

Sumo Logic

A cloud-based flexible solution for intelligent security analysis. It can work on its own or be used in addition to other SIEM tools. 

It uses machine learning to detect threats, investigate, and respond to security threats in real-time. With the help of this tool, security teams can consolidate log management, security analytics, compliance, and more into one. It improves the incident response as well as automates various security tasks, and is easy to use and scale. 

With this tool, you can enforce security confirmation and monitor users, infrastructure, applications, and data. Teams can easily manage security events and alerts, identify security deviations and configurations, and detect suspicious behavior. It is compliant with HIPAA, DSS, PCI, SOC 2.0, and other regulations. 


This SIEM tool analyzes various logs and extracts security information and performance from them. It can find and report suspicious trends such as those caused by unauthorized access to the IT systems and assets. 

Some of the target areas include applications and services such as databases, web servers, email services, DHCP servers, and print queues. The tool is compliant with HIPPA, PCI, ISO 27001, DSS, and more. 

Team Secure

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