High Demand for Blockchain and Security Engineers

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Here’s the thing; technology is evolving at whirlwind speeds.  What is in today is out tomorrow.  It is crucial for technical talent to keep their eye on the ball or be left behind in the debris.  Hired can help you see where future trends are going from which coding languages are the most relevant to how engineers feel about working styles such as pair programming. 

According to the  2019 State of Software Engineers Report, an extensive report on trends software engineers should follow, blockchain and security engineering skills are the ones that are highest in demand. 

Blockchain engineers originally followed and recorded transactions of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a peer to peer computer network.  These currencies usually referred to as blockchain, are a flourishing market.  As of mid-February 2019, there were over 2,500 cryptocurrencies in use, twice as many as the year before.  In 2020, the global blockchain trade is as relevant as ever.  The explosion of these cryptocurrencies has brought a huge demand for block engineers to the market.  However, their skills are no longer limited to blockchains but have extended to other areas important to the business world.  

Many companies, regardless of their nature, are implementing blockchain engineering in the running of their operations. Some of these include tracing products across the supply chain and using IP protection to distributed data storage.  According to Hired, from 2017 to 2018, blockchain engineers have experienced the greatest rate of growth (517%)  as compared to other engineering roles. This trend keeps growing as companies are discovering more and more ways to incorporate blockchain technologies.  Second, on the list are security engineers who are experiencing a growth of 132%.

Although blockchain engineers are expected to be the highest in demand, we should not undermine the need for security engineers.  Keep in mind that the more consumer data is collected and stored by digital companies, the more crucial cybersecurity is.  Companies need to stay one step ahead of hackers and place as much emphasis as possible on security to protect them from possible cyberattacks.  If companies want to stay relevant and gain the trust of their clients, they must hire the best candidates possible for their cybersecurity team.  Thus, the demand for these engineers is expected to be high in the foreseeable future. 

Increasing demand for blockchain and security engineers adds up to increasing compensations to those who hold these skills.  According to Hired, these are the highest-paid engineering roles and many companies have prioritized hiring engineers with these qualities.  

 A keynote is that compensation varies from place to place as far as salaries and in-demand skills.  For example, when compared to those of the U.S.A., salaries are much lower in the U.K. and Europe.  Hired Salary Calculator can help all types of technical talents to see what their predicted salary expectations are based on where they live. This knowledge helps them negotiate fair compensation when searching for a job.

The future is bright for software engineers.  To stay on top of your game, it is important to follow market trends and keep your skills up to date to keep up or even beat the competition. The Future Holds a High Demand for Blockchain and Security  Engineers