5 Security Tools for E-Commerce Companies to Test Their Security

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

There are multiple ways that you can sell products online, you might have an online store, an auction site, or you can sell through blogs. Regardless of the way you choose to sell products, security has to be a top concern.

Cybercriminals who want to cause chaos to e-Commerce sites will find a way and the first places they will succeed are those with little to no security. If you are one of the unfortunates who is attacked, you may have to face a huge financial loss but on top of that, you will lose the trust of your customers and quite possibly, your business.

Considering the financial and personal details that are shared on your site, you have an obligation to ensure their details are secure, and furthermore, you might find yourself in even more trouble with the law.

You were probably fully aware of all of this but with so many security tools available for e-Commerce companies, how do you know which is best for you? Let’s take a look at 5 that are excellent choices.

  1. Woopra

Woopra is a solid choice for many e-Commerce companies because it is one of the more complete options as well as being a tool for stricter security. Woopra can be used on various platforms and devices and you can connect it to other tools to gain insights into industry-wide issues. Overall, Woopra users can track user navigation on your web, enhance data gathered from tracking system events, and carry out a clean, organized analysis.

  1. Open Threat Exchange

This is a different type of tool in the sense that it is a crowdsourced security platform. The 80,000 plus members are sharing potential threats from 140 different countries, which again, gives you a very wide range of millions of possible threats. Open Threat Exchange is treated by AlienVault which is an open threat information network with a reliability monitor alarm. If your IP address (and domains) are threatened, you are notified. What really appeals about this security tool is that it is completely free.

  1. Trustwave

We liked Trustwave because of the ability to carry out self-service or controlled security tests plus there is an integrated view of your system. There is a full penetration on risk exposure and offers a complete service of prevention, correct protection, and data record with the access of traditional data. Not only will Trustwave scan to map out entire asset lists, but it will also organize your assets, which can help save more time.

  1. Qualys FreeScan

This tool is free but limited to 10 scans of internet-accessible assets. It will scan desktops, servers, and websites and come back with a detailed report of where the threats could be and recommendations on how to fix them. You also have the advantage of SCAP Compliance audit and OWASAP Web Application Audit. So, all in all, this is a very thorough tool considering it is free.

  1. TeamSecure.io

Not everyone has the time to focus on their e-Commerce security or they don’t have the technical knowledge to carry out sufficient security testing. That being said, we still know how crucial it is. In this case, it is well worth looking at TeamSecure.io for your e-Commerce security solution. TeamSecure has access to thousands of highly qualified tech specialists, including security experts. TeamSecure carries out all of the talent screening to ensure you can hire the best for your e-Commerce security. All you need to do is contact TeamSecure with your needs and they will find the right solution, saving you time and money.