Advanced Security Assessment to Help Protect Your Business Data

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Most businesses experience more and more cyber attacks each year. While widespread adoption of new technologies certainly brings many benefits and unmatched value to businesses, it also opens up a whole new desire for worms; This increases the likelihood of a failure, a breach, or a breakdown of processes.

It’s easy, the more technologies you use in the workplace, the more opportunities for a hacker, or someone with malicious intent, to identify weaknesses and exploit them. Does this mean that you should stop using technology? Not at all! Being aware of the risks is about finding out or leaving… it is not about gaining an understanding of the best ways to help protect your network.

There are numerous ways you can significantly reduce the risk significantly. We will focus on two of the most effective security assessments that businesses with advanced infrastructure can consider:

1. Penetration Testing

Penetration testing refers to a simple assessment that searches for any possible testing entry points in your network; Any defect that can act as a gateway to your system. The way it was done is unusual yet effective. Essentially, it is a simulation of hacking performed in a controlled environment. The tester will be using established methods to try and learn your data through a wide range of different entry points. The advantage is that you can work to close these penetration points and secure your system before problems pop up.

2. Malware Vulnerability Test

Malware vulnerability testing is usually proposed for small companies for two reasons. First, this type of testing searches for the hardware and software you use to keep them virus-free. Viruses can appear for any reason, including acting on phishing emails and using out-of-date software. Secondly, it is designed to increase awareness of risk within the workplace to ensure that your employees do not increase your risk by installing spyware or other types of malware. Once again, the assessment is simple.

Why are safety assessments important?

Right now, businesses have more data related to their customers than ever before. Consider what information you store about your B2B customers. Today a breach is more than a financial loss for an organization … it is also about reputational damage. Considering that more and more clients are trusting us with their data, it is our responsibility to safeguard this data. In order to do this, businesses take appropriate measures such as security assessments either under the form of a penetration testing or a malware vulnerability testing.