How to Write the Job Description for the Information Security Architect

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For a person who wants to write the job description, communication is the key. The job description must include the type of role, requirements, experience, skills, qualifications, degree, and qualities. The job description varies from job to job and also from company to company. For example, the job description for a security architect must say the details about the company or industry, senior member job who would be responsible for planning, analyzing, designing, configuring, testing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting the security systems. Must have information regarding technology and information.

Key duties:

Tasks and duties for which information security architect is responsible vary from company to company depending on their needs.

  1. Designing, implementing, and building security systems.
  2. Making the standards, frameworks, and security align with the business.
  3. Identify the possible risks and threats
  4. Follow strategies to eliminate the threats
  5. Make changes in the security system if needed.

Skills and competencies

It includes all the required skills and qualifications information security must-have.

Five or more years of experience in

  • Building a security system, making improvements in the existing security system and monitoring it.
  • Being a member of the security crew and implementing measures to ensure the security
  • Identification and access control. ( it depends on how the company or industry wants it to work. If the company intends to provide access to only identified individuals, then the security architect should make the security system to work in such a way that would only allow those people to access the information which already would be identified. In this way, unauthorized individuals can protect data and information).

General skills

  • Having excellent communication skills so it would be easier for the person to communicate with different types of people in an effective way.
  • Should be a critical thinker.
  • Should have analytical skills
  • Must have teamwork skills
  • Must have the ability to take initiative
  • Must have risk-taking abilities
  • Must have leadership abilities
  • Must have the ability to be the enterprise security expert so he could easily explain technical topics.

Certification requirements:

Certifications requirements vary from company to company. Some of the possible ones are mentioned below.

  1. Certified information systems security professional
  2. The certified information security manager
  3. Certified information systems auditor
  4. Information systems security architecture professional
  5. Information systems security engineering professional.

Sometimes experience proves to be more important than all the qualifications, education, and degrees. Owning a combination of both experience and knowledge is always suitable for an information security architect.

Industry-specific requirements

Many companies and industries have specific requirements for the security architect, and all those requirements must be explained in the job description of a security architect. In healthcare, excellent knowledge of electronic health records is required. A security architect needs to have a lot of different skill sets. When a security architect adds some extra security layers, he should make sure that because of that, productivity will not be affected. It is also essential to check up on the security system often.