Important Job Skills for Information Security Analysts

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Security analysts control computer networks of a company, industry, or organization. They are responsible for maintaining computer networks and protecting them from security threats and hackers. Security analysts make regulation of such computer networks.

Education and job requirements

With the increase in security threats to a company or organization, the importance of having security analysts also increases. The security team of an organization must contain members from different technical backgrounds, so when they communicate about the security problem, it would be easier for them to understand. This job requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming. Some companies also require a master’s degree as well as experience.

Job outlook and salary

One hundred twelve thousand three hundred folks got the job of information security analysts in the year 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. in 2018, their yearly salary of $98,350.

Career opportunities are supposed to grow 32% by the year 2028.

Top information security analyst skills

Following is the list of skills that a security analyst must include in his job application or resume.

IT knowledge

A security analyst should keep himself updated about the cybersecurity threats, new solutions, and further information, which can help him figure out more solutions for security problems.


A security analyst must also have analytical skills. He should have the ability to understand computer systems and possible risks to the security systems so that he could work on finding solutions.


It is essential for security analysts to have good communication skills so that they can educate users in a very clear way about the security threats and what necessary steps they can take in order to protect their data


Security analysts should be creative in order to think one step ahead of the security threat.


Security analysts should see the details of everything and notice minor changes that could lead to possible security threats.

Information security analyst skills list

  1. Ability to analyze
  2. Ability to administer information security soft wares
  3. Ability to analyze security system logs and security tools
  4. Communicating all levels of the organization in every possible direction
  5. Ability to communicate in a clear and effective way
  6. Creating, modifying and regulating intrusion detection systems and security information event management
  7. Being creative
  8. Experience with security tools
  9. An understanding of problem management ways
  10. Handling security systems
  11. Should be able to notice details
  12. Determining possible weakness in the information system
  13. Dealing with malware software
  14. Should be familiar with security regulations
  15. Maintaining security systems by making needed changes
  16. IT knowledge
  17. Saving records of regulation and response activities
  18. Network administration experience
  19. Eliminating security issues
  20. Problem-solving skills
  21. Providing security reports on time
  22. Staying one step ahead of security threats
  23. Teamwork
  24. Educating other employees about the necessary security steps
  25. Being up to date on IT knowledge
  26. Responding effectively to a security problem