Why You Need to Consider Hiring Cyber Security for Your Company

Image by Katie White from Pixabay

It would be stating the obvious to say that we are more reliant on the internet today than we ever have been. Both professionally and personally, more and more of our lives are moving online. While we are able to take advantage of unlimited possibilities, it also comes with a great security risk. All of our sensitive data is susceptible to cyber-attacks, leading to high demand for cybersecurity specialists. As the demand for cybersecurity specialists increases, so does the skills gap.

Why We Need Cyber Security.

The internet allows businesses to increase brand awareness, productivity, and profits. Nevertheless, few companies are prepared to handle cybercrime, which is not only evolving but also becoming more sophisticated. Because of the horrendous impact cybercrime can have on a business, more companies appreciate the need for cybersecurity.

With more than half of the world having access to the internet, you can begin to imagine the amount of sensitive data that is stored in cyberspace. Cybercriminals can use this data for any number of things and not only once, but problems can continue for months without the victim being aware.

A recent cybersecurity report stated that 59% of companies had to overcome security breaches that disrupted business operations. The average cost of a cyber-attack amounted to $276,000. For a small company, this could be enough to ruin them.

Further studies point to 90% of cyber attacks were achieved because of human error. It’s unlikely that this error is intentional, it just proves the necessity for cyber specialists.

The Advantages of Cyber Security

  • The economy is greatly boosted by online trade
  • There are more jobs created for cybersecurity experts
  • The cybersecurity industry can expand
  • The healthcare industry, in particular, can be transformed

The Potential Drawbacks of Cyber Security

  • As the need for professionals increases, there will be a growing skills shortage
  • There could be an increase in cybercriminals
  • It might cause geopolitical tensions

What Makes an Excellent Cyber Security Specialist?

Companies are looking for expertise in cybersecurity and the ability to assess business risks. Aside from the technical skills, cyber specialists need to have a strong level of soft skills too.

There are 5 core specialties in cybersecurity that are suffering a skills shortage:

Penetration Testing- Also known as ethical hacking, a cybersecurity expert will try to breach a company’s security system to see where its vulnerabilities are.

Security Analysis- experts who can explain cybersecurity and how it affects their business

Incident Response- the experts who are ready to respond to cyber-attacks and security breaches.

Data Science and Analytics- Another growing IT trend is big data and machine learning, which also needs specialized cybersecurity talent.

Soft skills- It’s one thing to hire an expert in cybersecurity, it’s another thing to hire one who also has soft skills like being able to communicate technical information in a simple yet effective way

 What’s Next for Cyber Security

Many countries now recognize the importance of cybersecurity and the impact of security breaches. New laws and legislations are becoming effective in countries around the world.